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Introduction To Video Strategy

  • How To Create A Video Strategy Your Prospect Will Love

  • How To Create a High Converting Sales Presentation

  • Learn a powerful video strategy that can easily be sold for $5k+

How To Make 6 Figures With Micro Content

  • How we make $40k+/mo with Micro Content

  • How to market micro content services

  • How to close new clients on this micro

    content service

  • How to deliver on all aspects of micro content

100 Micro Content Ideas

  • 100 fill in the blank short form content ideas for ANY industry

  • A video guide on how to implement these content ideas

Video Entrepreneur Mindset & Motivation Workshop

  • Overcome the 6 top mental roadblocks that are stopping you from reaching your goals

  • Understanding Risk Analysis & when to take calculated risk.

  • The 4 biggest hacks for mental fitness

$280k Video Deal Walkthrough

  • How to find high ticket clients

  • How to justify high ticket prices

  • TONS more.

The Visual Sale Workshop With Tyler Lessard

  • Workshop lead by Tyler Lessard, co-author of The Visual Sale

  • Full Q&A replay

Q&A Sessions With Top Video Entrepreneurs

  • Q&As with top 6 figure filmmakers

  • Hear first hand how they closed massive 6 figure video deals